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United Peruvian Youth members participated in the Virtual Youth Summit 2021

On August 10-12, in the framework of International Youth Day, more than 15 members of United Peruvian Youth took part in the virtual exhibitions offered during the Virtual Youth Summit 2021 (VYS 2021), which brought together thousands of young people worldwide to discuss the importance of their role in the current times, as well as to offer tools that will help them to persist in their work as agents of change.

This year, the theme of VYS 2021 revolved around "building resilience and strengthening the work of changemakers in uncertain times". All sessions took place via Zoom.

Five types of sessions were held during the event in Spanish, English and Portuguese:

  1. Panel Discussions

Panel discussions focused on the role of young people in reinventing our future and developing the resilience needed to transform their imagination into reality.

  1. Skills Sessions

The Skills Sessions were short, practical workshops on skills important for all change agents. Topics included pitching, storytelling, intellectual property, theory of change, among others!

  1. Networking Sessions

The networking sessions were fun and interactive. Their purpose is to encourage participants to share their learnings from the event, as well as to meet other change agents, present their ideas and, of course, increase their network!

  1. Wellbeing Sessions

The wellness sessions focus on the mental, emotional and physical health of change agents and its importance to the change they are creating in their communities.

  1. Online gaming sessions and artistics presetations

UPY members who participated in the event had several trainings prior to the event in order to optimize their presence and have tips for successful networking.

UPY is an organization whose mission is to empower young Peruvian men and women to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), established by the United Nations in 2015, especially to the achievement of SDG 4: quality education. For this, UPY is composed of 3 thematic areas: Prosperity, People & Peace and Planet, and is divided into 3 programs: UPY Learns, UPY Shares and UPY Impacts.


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