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Our mission

Empower young Peruvian men and women to promote their participation in leadership activities that contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), especially SDG 4 - quality education - with the purpose of training agents of change and contributing to quality education in the community.

Our vision

Create a community of young Peruvian leaders who, through the exchange of knowledge and experiences, contribute with their actions to the achievement of the SDGs, with special consideration of goal 4.4 of SDG 4, in their communities and surroundings.


Our five guiding principles



share knowledge

Commitment and inclusion


Our core values represent what is most important to us as an organization, and in the way we work with each other, with our customers and with our partners. They guide the decisions we make and the actions we take to carry out our mission.

History of UPY

UPY was formed on August 6, 2019, with the aim of being a youth organization that promotes the SDGs. In 2020, UPY turned one year old and managed to effectively consolidate itself as an organization, thanks to hard and sustained progress in the application of the organizational strategy.

Since then, more and more young people from various departments of the country such as Lima, Trujillo, Arequipa, Cusco, etc., have been supporting us with great leadership in our mission. With this growth our programs are established: UPY Learns, UPY Shares and UPY Impacts.

Each of our programs carries out different projects such as: Upy connect, upy courses, the debate club, Sharing knowledge online, Upy Mentorship, upy events, and the Project Hub.

That small group of young people with whom this story began has only gotten bigger with each passing year, reaching more young people from all corners of the country developing their leadership and that of their peers by learning, sharing and making an impact.

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