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Meet our specialists

The volunteer specialists share their knowledge in three areas: human development, prosperity and environment. This benefits the development and implementation of the projects that the changemakers carry out within the Project Hub. Undoubtedly, this volunteering enhances the Hub's projects in a technical way. If you want to be a specialist volunteer, write to:

Copia de Manuela Claudet_edited.jpg

Manuela Claudette

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Professional in Education, Master in Political Science with mention in Public Management; with specialization in International Cooperation.

Tools to improve the Implementation of Public Programs, Monitoring, Interculturality, Systematization of Experiences, Curriculum and School Management and Childhood.
Extensive experience in the management (formulation, financial negotiation, execution, monitoring, evaluation, systematization and transfer) of programs and/or social and educational projects from NGOs, International Technical Cooperation and Public Management; and in the promotion of
public policies related to Childhood and Education (Basic and Higher Education); as well as in the planning, implementation and evaluation of adult training processes, especially in the educational field.
She has held technical positions of coordination, leadership, advisory and technical-professional services for the management of development programs and projects, decentralization, school management, curriculum, teacher training, pedagogical support and production of materials and supervision of universities in recognized institutions.
She has also assumed the role of institutional representative at national and international level. Currently, she is the Coordinator of Technical Information Management in the Directorate of Evaluation and Accreditation in Institutes and Schools of Higher Education of SINEACE.

Copia de DCG - david caceres_edited.jpg

David Caceres 

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Professional with extensive experience in project management, knowledge management and capacity building in international and multicultural environments in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Full-time professor of International Relations at San Ignacio de Loyola University. Proven competence in conflict management during crisis situations. Master in Military Sciences with mention in Operational Planning and Decision Making from the Superior School of War of the Peruvian Army (EP), Master in Sciences with mention in Electronics from Ukraine.  He has a degree in Military Sciences and a Diploma in Human Potential Management. From 2007 to 2011 he worked for the UN in the Department of Peacekeeping Operations, in charge of knowledge management projects in New York, Stockholm Sweden, Kinshasa Congo, Port-au-Prince Haiti, Beirut Lebanon, Kingston Canada, Santiago Chile, Nairobi Kenya, Montevideo, Uruguay, Brindisi and Italy. During his service in the Army from 1981 to 2011, he worked in multiple units, founded the Joint Peace Operations Training Center of Peru, and performed academic, administrative and combat support functions.

Copia de IMG_3517 - Daniella Manrique_edited.jpg

Daniella Manrique 

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Psychologist graduated from the Catholic University of Santa Maria in Arequipa and recently registered by the College of Psychologists of Peru. Currently, she is studying a postgraduate degree in Art Therapy directed by the University of Girona in Spain.  She considers herself an altruistic person, willing to be an agent of change, to help society, to help people who need support to be better both intrapersonally and interpersonally. She is very fond of animals and the environment. She is a positive person, persistent, likes to work in a team, I defend what is fair for any living being. Sports, art and knowing that gender change in people is something that fills my being a lot, I like to try new things and always focused on growing internally and trying to improve. 

Copia de Foto Daniel Cutimanco - Daniel

Daniel Cutimanco 

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Bachelor of Architecture from UCSM Arequipa, recipient of the 2019 Annual Award for Academic Excellence to students of the Professional School of Architecture. His current field of research is focused on Social Interest Housing as a tool for inclusion and quality of life for people with fewer resources. She was a member of the finalist team of the National Competition of Social Housing 2020 "Build to Grow". On the other hand, he is co-founder of COCREA, a project that seeks to impart a culture of entrepreneurship through workshops and personalized advice for small and medium entrepreneurs, seeking to be an empowerment tool for women entrepreneurs, migrants, young people, technical students and other professionals who, as a result of the economic and health crisis, had to become entrepreneurs. Together with the COCREA team, I have had the honor and pride of accompanying more than 35 business models, having conducted 7 virtual fairs of Innovation and Entrepreneurship throughout Peru, including Lima, Arequipa, Cusco and Puno. 

Debora Moya_edited.jpg

Deborah Moya 

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Bachelor in International Business from Universidad del Pacífico and co-founder of the brand ATIYA, an enterprise that contributes to relaxation, inner healing and empowerment of women through hand embroidery. She has experience in the development and execution of business plans, in the formulation of internationalization processes and in market research through the analysis of indicators and consumer trends.
During her academic and professional life she had the opportunity to carry out cultural exchanges in France and the United States, and to participate in international fairs in the agro-export sector in Europe. In her free time she enjoys reading novels and watching series.

Copia de Georgina Flores.jpeg

george flowers

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Mexican industrial designer and human rights and sustainability activist. Her work focuses on sustainability and fair trade, as well as the preservation of culture through the Change is Wild movement.

She specializes in conflict resolution in design and its impact on the community, as well as the development of social projects. Active member of the World Economic Forum on behalf of Global Shapers, where they promote social projects in Merida, Yucatan.

Since 2020 she is a founding member of the Latin American Center for Dialogue and Coexistence based in Bogota, Colombia, where she plays and promotes dialogue as a tool for peace building in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Involved in this sector, she has been part of international forums such as the Youth Assembly in New York, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates.

Copia de Fanny Guerra Torres - Fanny Guerra_edited.jpg

fanny war

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Licensed in Psychology, Member of the College of Psychologists of Peru N°37431, currently in the 2nd semester of the Master in Mental Health of the child, adolescent and family.

She works actively from her social networks conducting workshops, trainings and online consultations.

Copia de Hillary chirinos.jpg

Hillary Chirinos

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Degree in psychology from the Catholic University of San Pablo, member of the College of Psychologists of Arequipa. With specialization in Clinical Psychology and specialization courses in contextual therapies and cognitive behavioral therapy.
Currently working as a Clinical Psychologist in Alba psychological center doing psychotherapy in anxiety and depression.

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