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Meet Deputy directors & assistants

Learn. Share. Impact

Meet the team behind each of the Programs, Project and Activities that United Peruvian Youth develop. Being a volunteer at UPY gives you an opportunity to be a member of the Board. 

She is currently pursuing a degree in Creative Industries at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. In this country she has volunteered in organizations such as Circle Kiwanis International, an international university service organization. She has also participated in other organizations in Peru such as TECHO, Jueguete Pendiente and Hogares Nuevo Futuro Peru. Also, she has represented Peru in the South American Va'a in 2018. Within UPY, she has served as team leader and administrative assistant since January 2021. 

Mafer Chaparro 
Deputy director of National and International Relations

International Relations student at Universidad San Ignacio de loyola. She is a member of the Consilium club in the project management division. She was a volunteer in talks promoted by MINSA during 2016. Focused on SDG 4, 5, 10, 16 and 17. Her focuses of interest are the development and implementation of social projects with an intersectional approach and the development of contact networks for the formation of strategic alliances. She currently works as an English-Spanish interpreter for a multinational company. She is our Deputy director of National and International Relations since May 2021. 

Alessandra Baltodano
Executive Assistant

Last semester student of the International Relations degree at the Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola, with certifications in Results-Based Project Management by the Inter-American Development Bank and Public Management with Intercultural Approach by the National School of Public Administration. She carried out pre-professional internships in the public sector for 18 months and she is currently an international intern at Fundación Centro Iberoamericano de International Studies. She was part of volunteer activities in the 131st Session of the Olympic Committee International and the VIII Summit of the Americas. In 2018, she received a scholarship to represent her university in the expedition of the BAP Unión in Cartagena de Indias as “USIL Ambassador”. At United Peruvian Youth, she is the leader of the writing area of ​​the Working Group
Planet. She is our Deputy director of project design since May 2021. 

Andrea Yacavilca
Deputy director of Development Communication

Bachelor of Biology from the La Molina National Agrarian University. SHe has worked as an analyst in laboratories that impact Public Health, and teaching science classes in private schools, and in Awareness Campaigns against Covid19 in the Spanish Red Cross. Currently, she is a volunteer in two institutions: in the Spanish Red Cross, working in mainly Health and Education projects; as well as interpreter of school contents in "Project Rangeet", an educational application that seeks the well-being and learning of students.
Interested in collaborating with organizations whose purposes have an impact on society. She is our Deputy director of development communications since May 2021. 

Stephani Paliza
Deputy director of Project Design

Industrial Engineer from the Universidad Privada del Norte, specializing in Project Management under the PMBOK standard from the ESAN University. He has knowledge and work experience in the good practices of supply chain management in the agro-industrial and retail sectors. He has actively participated in conferences and volunteer activities focused on the themes of the implementation of the circular economy model, promotion of dialogue tables and promotion of recreational activities and early childhood education. Also, member of the World Network of Young Politicians La Libertad Region - Peru. He is our Monitoring Assistant since May 2021

Ximena Bautista
Monitoring Assistant

Bachelor of Administration from the Universidad Privada del Norte, Trujillo headquarters, being part of the upper tenth of her class, During her last semester, she was the winner of the first place in the Short paper category of the “Third Conference on Scientific Research in Business ”. She has three years of experience professional in the areas of accounting and administration, mainly in products and services related to the construction sector. Since 2020, she is a member of United Peruvian Youth and currently occupies the position of Monitoring Assistant in the Deputy Direction  Projects Implementation.
She has an interest in national and international politics, research, social projects and sustainability.

Franco Arteaga
Monitoring Assistant

Psychologist from the Andean University of Cusco and psychotherapist in training from the Institute of Rational Emotive Therapy. She has a Master's Degree in Higher Education from UNSAAC and is a teacher and researcher at EESP Pukllasunchis. Likewise, she is part of   the Research group of Strategic Approach and Educational Innovation of the Tecnológico de Monterrey. She has experience as a project facilitator in NGOs such as World Vision and CESIP. Currently, she practices the Wisdom of the Enneagram and is a Theatrical Improviser. She is the Deputy Director of Socio-educational Techniques since January 2021. 

Yajaira Huerta
​Deputy director of educational activities

Bachelor in Systems Engineering from the National University of Engineering, She has been in the top 5 of her class at  university and in the first place at the time of graduation. She has experience in business intelligence, advanced analytics, machine learning and big data. Currently, she has been awarded a scholarship by the Aporta group, with the program in Data Science & Global Skills that through an association with MIT, seeks to train a generation of leading Data Scientists in Peru. She is our  Deputy Director of educational activities since January 2021.

Aracely Clemente 
Deputy director of socio-educational techniques

Degree in Communication Sciences from the National University of the Center of Peru. Researcher and advisor on digital issues through her personal brand Lucero Beatriz, where through various social networks she permanently teaches communication and Digital Marketing issues. She is CEO of Multicom - Comunicación Integral, the first social enterprise in communication in the Junín region and co-creator of ComunicAcción, a youth organization focused on social communication and the environment. At UPY, she is Deputy Director of Educational Management since May 2021. 

Melissa Salcedo 
​Deputy director of strategic planning

Degree in Psycologyst with a great passion for human behavior in the workplace. She works advising different organizations in the south of the country applying psychological principles and research methods to improve the work / organizational environment. She was the former deputy director of project design at UPY. Currently, she is the deputy director of strategic planning  since 2021. Her areas of interest are human development, mental health and human talent management.

Lucero Huamancaja 
Deputy director of educational 

Medical student from the Universidad San Martin de Porres and diplomacy with a specialty in foreign relations from the European Academy of Diplomacy (EAD). He is an IFMSA Certified Public Health Leadership and Soft Skills Coach. He was Peru's delegate for the Model United Nations organized by the NGO Associazioni Diplomatici for two consecutive times. He is currently developing as co-founder of the International Action Group, an international organization aligned with the SDGs that seeks to educate and empower young people to be an example of leaders in the future. He is our Deputy director of Talent Management since January 2021. 

Anghy Covarrubias
​Deputy director of publications and events

Degree in Communication Sciences from the University of San Martín de Porres, with a major in Public Relations and Advertising. She has a specialization in Social Media Management from the UPC Graduate School, Internal Communication - Endomarketing from the Universidad del Pacífico and Digital Marketing from the PUCP. She was a founding member of the PRSSA USMP project - association of young university students specialized in Public Relations. She currently works at the communications consultancy LLYC, advising organizations on corporate communication, reputation and digital strategy. She is our Deputy director of publications and events since January 2021. 

Renato Hernandez
​Deputy director of Talent Management

Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. She has professional experience in areas such as commercial foreign logistics. Her areas of  interest in communications and digital design.
Currently, she belongs to the NGO HechoxNosotros, where she is in charge of promoting more sustainable practices in the fashion industry. She advocates for  SDG 4, 10, 13. (sustainability issues in the textile industry, promotion of more accessible and quality education, the search for equality for minorities). She is our Media Content Assistant since May 2021. 

Micaela Cossío
Asistente de Medios audiovisuales

Student of Communication for Development at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. She was chosen to be part of the delegation of InterCAS'18 and Proyecto Hogar'19.
Her areas of interest include development project management, national policy, SDGs 4, 5, 10, 13 and 16 and human rights, with a specialization in human rights of indigenous peoples in the United Nations system.
She is currently part of the team of tutors of the discipline of Social Personnel in the NGO Por Un Perú Mejor (PUPM) where she has been providing counseling to children and adolescents whose studies have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic since May 2020. Within UPY, she has been part of Personas & Paz since February 2021.

Gloria Morales
Media Content Assistant

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