As part of its mission, United Peruvian Youth (UPY) has the honor of working with different national and international organizations. Since its origins, UPY has always conceived its work in relation to others. In this way, it has participated in and promoted various spaces for dialogue, which have enriched the organization and the possibility of having a greater impact on society.

Process of consolidation of an alliance

This UPY Program aims to strengthen the leadership skills of young people between the ages of 18 and 30, so they contribute  to the achievement of the SDGs, become professionally trained and changemakers in their community.

This program is divided into 3 main projects:

  • UPY Connect (for members only)

  • UPY Courses

  • UPY Debate Club (for members only)

How UPY members benefit 

Because they are international and national organizations that offer them learning opportunities through courses and workshops, in addition to being able to participate as facilitators of their initiatives.

Likewise, being one of the most attractive aspects for our members, contact networks are generated for the execution of their own projects, both within UPY and externally.

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